Valentine's Day 2021 Ordering

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1 dozen roses -  your choice of color

A. "Roses by the Dozen" 1 dozen roses, any color $85.00

2 dozen roses, your choice of color

B. "Carolineeeeee" 2 dozen roses, any color $150.00

Small vase with whites, blush, greens

C. "Walk through Fire for You" Designer's Choice $65.00

Large Vase with pops of spring blooms and pinks

E. "Damn, She the One" Designer's Choice $100.00

Short vase with roses, orchids and luscious blooms

F. "It's Like You're my Mirror" Designer's Choice $125.00

Standout piece with various blooms

D. "Dance with me Under the Diamonds" Designer's Choice $150.00

Customize your order

G. Custom $65.00 to $200.00 depending on style and selection of flowers

Valentine's Day Ordering

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