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Danielle, a New England florist for weddings

Hey There

It's me, Danielle - a flower lover, plant enthusiast, a sucker for donuts, and inspired a LOT by 2000's pop/R&B music.

I am the owner and designer of Little Blooms, a New England florist and floral design company specializing in creative and intimate weddings.

All About Me

Hi, my name is Danielle Harris! I am the owner of Little Blooms, a floral design company based out of Southern New Hampshire. Little Blooms specializes in flowers for weddings, events, and all special occasions.

Flowers hold a truly deep meaning to me, one rooted in happiness, love, and compassion and I like being able to spread these feelings with each arrangement that I create. 

My journey with flowers began in 2018, after taking an "Intro To Floral Design" class at Cass School of Floral Design in Watertown, MA.  I never had experienced the feeling that I did when I held and designed with flowers.  It was in those moments that I knew I found my passion, and that is how Little Blooms bloomed.

Little Blooms has grown over the years to focus mainly on weddings - which are such an intimate and special day for all involved, including me!  I am present at every wedding and do all the designing from start to finish for your special day.

When you order from Little Blooms, please know that every stem and every flower is handled with love and care. 

Sincerely your best BUD,


New England florist with her bog in Boston

Meet Larry - the official Little Blooms model

New England florist with a floral street installation

Bloomin' Trash (2021) - Somerville, MA

woman wearing a flower crown

New England Florist

My first floral crown - 2019






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