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Bridal Bouquet Inspiration for Every Season

One of my favorite designs to create for every wedding will always be a bridal bouquet. It is such an out of body experience seeing the couple hold a bouquet that I made with my own two hands on their special day as a newly married couple.

Being a wedding florist in New England, there are opportunities for so many different types of bridal bouquet designs, as we truly get all four seasons of the year, which lend us to different design types, textures, and floral types for every wedding!

Leaning into each season, there are many different types of blooms that are in season that can be front and center in your bridal bouquet. Let's talk about inspiration for each season when it comes to your bridal bouquet:


A spring wedding bouquet in Plymouth, New Hampshire
A spring bouquet with cascading spirea

Springtime weddings allow for so many opportunities for beautiful flowers and foliage that are popping up after the last frost.

There are so many local beauties that are available in the spring months (from March through June) that can compliment and elevate a bridal bouquet. Pictured to the right here is a bridal bouquet that we did for a springtime wedding at The Barn on The Pemi in Plymouth, New Hampshire this year. This bouquet featuring a favorite late spring flowering foliage called spirea, which has delicate small white florals that add a beautiful cascading element in a bouquet.

Other springtime flowers that are very popular to use in bridal bouquets are peonies. Peonies in New England typically pop up around the Mother's Day timeframe, and will still be in season for a few months through June/early July.

Peonies, along with locally grown sweet pea, are pictured in this very romantic blush and white wedding bouquet we had in Kennebunkport, Maine at The Breakwater Inn & Spa last year.

SUMMER: When the temperatures start to rise and the humidity gets a little unbearable, we know that summer in New England is finally here! And maybe it might be a little hot for us, but for the florals that are coming up, they love it! Summer florals start to bring us a huge range of different color florals that can really elevate designs.

Featuring a bouquet we did last month in July, here we have SO many locally grown beauties that scream summer! This bouquet we created for a lovely couple who got married in early July at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA - featuring summertime floral favorites like poppies, orlaya, madame butterfly snapdragon, canterberry bells, cosmos, and cafe au lait dahlias. Summertime bouquets are the perfect opportunity to sneak in some late spring blooms as well as get lucky with some early fall blooms too!

FALL: Us New Englanders are spoiled when it comes to the beautiful foliage and weather that we get every fall, between September and November every year. Fall weddings will always be a favorite for me, as there are so many textures and colors that we can use in various types of florals to compliment the fall foliage.

Texture is one of my favorite things to capitalize on for florals and this bouquet is a beautiful representation of all the texture we can bring with fall flowers. This fall centric wedding bouquet is from a wedding we did last fall at The Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA. With all the fall tones, this bouquet features florals like marigolds, dahlias, and hanging amaranthus. We also start to have such a fun opportunities with different types of foliage, like agonis, wigella, and nine bark - which give that deep burgundy/brown tone to compliment traditional green foliage.

A floral designer holds a fall bouquet with maple leaf foliage
A Fall Wedding Bouquet

Other types of foliage that I love to use in fall weddings are things that maybe you wouldn't think to use - like maple leaves! As we know, the trees change color in the fall, which gives us really unique colored maple leaves, which is seen in the bouquet that I am holding to the left - with tones of darker greens and also darker browns/burgundy. This bouquet was for a spooky/fall inspired wedding at The Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA.

WINTER: A quieter time of year for weddings here in New England are in the winter months, where we are very use to the cold temperatures, snow, sleet, ice - all those fun things! But the winter months also can give us such an opportunity for unique bridal bouquets that feature winter colors, either in blues/whites or in a more holiday tones in reds and greens.

Our couple featured above wanted all the holiday florals for their wedding last December at The Riverview in Simsbury, CT. This bouquet is filled with all tones of burgundy and deep greenery, featuring foliage like locally grown pine, hypericum berries, thistle, and roses. Although the ground may be frozen and we might not be able to see the grass, the winter months in New England still give us beautiful foliage and winter berries that can make great accessories to a winter wedding bouquet!

Whether you are getting married in the cold months of January, or the warm months in August, any time of year in New England gives you so many different and unique floral options to elevate and stand out with your bridal bouquet!

Are you interested in chatting more about opporutnies for your bridal bouquet? Don't hesitate to reach out! Inquire about your wedding today!


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